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Mohammad's Extra Credit Assignment


B2B Usability

The article discusses the findings of a usability testing on Business-to-business (B2B) websites, conducted by Nielsen
Norman Group. The test result showed that B2B sites have a substantially lower success rate (measured as the percentage
of time users accomplished their tasks on a site) than mainstream websites. main reasons being- inadequate information
about their product offerings, lack of pricing information and support. As CS students we can no longer compete in this
era of Global Commerce simply with technical knowledge and we need to more aware of how traditional business practices
are shifting with internet; I believe this article will give students a good intro in that aspect.


Medical Usability: How to Kill Patients Through Bad Design

Although we studied UI design, usability in this 2340 class, most of us 'probably' still don't realize the importance of
good UI design. This article discusses how bad UI design can have dire consequences by exploring design flaws in
hospital's order-entry system, which physicians use to specify patient medications. Few of the major flaws of the
system-Misleading Default Values of dosage, Poor Readability, Memory Overload, Date Description Errors.


Security & Human Factors

As computer and internet usage are becoming more common in general population, securing information is becoming
more important and our COC department even offers a MS in InfoSec. The article discusses the human factors to consider
when designing a secure website and strongly argues against some existing common security practices. The article also
suggests some simple and realistic design choices such as Single Sign-On.

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