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Greg K - Extra Credit

Human-Centered Design Considered Harmful
In this artical Don Normand recognizes the potential problems with Human-Centered Design. By pointing out examples of where designs have been previously created without thinking of the user as well as describing the shorcommings of HCD. He specifies an alternative Activity-Centered Design describes it and suggests why it may be a better design architype.

I think that this article would be good for a CS major to read because it questions the way many people design things. It get the reader thinking of new ways to design and problems with their own design process.

Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better
Wow in this article don normand talks about bueaty over functionality. He talks about the three diffent aspects of design beuaty, practicality, and usability and shows three teapots he owns and shows why one emphasizes each. He also says he uses all of them. This is because sometime beauty makes the experience better, practicallity makes it more functional, and usability well makes it able to be used. This comming from the autor of the usability bible The Design of Everyday Things mad me intreaged. It is an interesting read and I recommend it.

I think this article should be read by a CS student because it gets them thinking on all three fasets of design mentioned above not just one. Mabe you should try to focus on two in your design...Mabe all three.

Do companies fail because their technology is unusable?
In this article Don Normand discusses commerical sucess based on features and not based on usability. He emphasises athough usability is very important in products it does not make you product good.

I think this article is important for CS majors because it makes them think of making a better product not just one that is usable.

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