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Anywhere but tech... That is why I live off campuse
chilli pepper
My favorite place on my bed...
Hey! everyone gotta sleep sometime
nightlife...when was the last time us CS majors had a real nightlife besides staying up at CoC?
Thanks to Olin and his compiler class I don't have this "nightlife". Shaggz
the nightlive is Tech in caffeine to live - alcohol - watermelon - skateboard, bogoMIPS - sometimes Bladerunner

Oh...where to start...where to start...



Hope this helps for some people looking for something to do.

Don Norbury

For the homos among us, WetBar is on Spring St. walking distance from campus. Burkhart's in Ansley square is a nice little bar and has Karaokee on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. RedChair in Admsterdam is nice as well. RC is more of a sit down and chat style bar than Burkhart's so you are warned. Le Buzz is a cool place outside the perimiter with good drag on Thursday.

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