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SqueakWorks Case File

This is our case for our project, SqueakWorks. Our project was closely modelled with logicworks. It was designed for novice users who wanted to learn more about digital logic. The extension that we did was 'Support for Buses.'

Uploaded Image: screenshot.jpg

Grades received:
Milestone 1: 97/100
Milestone 2: 97/100
Milestone 3: 91/100
Milestone 4: 100/100
Milestone 5: 100/100

The entire project was divided into 5 milestones.

Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 gives a brief but important introduction to CRC cards and object oriented design. This gave use an overview of how certain parts of the project could be implemented in advance and the difficulty level of implementing it.

Milestone 3 was the main part where we had to demo our project. This milestone required having a fully working prototype and it had to have a good design (although some of the components don't).

Milestone 4 involved doing an extension to our project. The extension that we did was 'support for buses'. We also added some circuits that can be used to create complicated designs. Some circuits (AND, OR) have multiple inputs and there are also multiplexors for 8,16 and 32 bits.

Milestone 5 was interesting and useful at the same time because computer science or programming in general, is not just about coding. We also need to learn how to evaluate software and test it if it is compatible with its intended user. Milestone 5 gave use a chance to think as non-experts and evaluate another team's system.

Design: The project supports Object-Oriented Design.

Usability: The usability features are very close to logic works. All the circuits are shown in a toolbar and all the circuits have a drag and drop feature. Although there isn't adequate documentation, most of the features are intuitive and resemble any other software.

Users: The intended users of this prototype are high school students who are just about to go to college. The goal of this system is to expose them to digital logic. The system also has some complicated circuits which should keep some advanced users busy for a while.

Testing: All parts of the prototype had S-Unit tests, all of which passed. S-Unit tests helped us figure out potential problems with our code and thus, we can ensure that the system works and all the logic is correct. Also, everytime we made a change to our project, the unit tests ensured that certain other features of the project didn't crash.

Initial Design

Initial User interface : UI
Initial Design with CRC cards: Squeak U CRC Cards

Scenarios to test prototype: Scenarios - M3.doc
User description: User Description - M3.doc

UML Diagram: squeakworksUML-1.vsd

Final Product

As part of the Milestone 5 assignment, another team was asked to evaluate our prototype. All usability problems cannot be figured out while designing. Therefore, this milestone was useful because a different set of evaluators tested our product. Based on the problems they found and recommendations, our rebuttal includes ways we can modify our design so that we can accomodate those changes.

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