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Extra Credit Assignment (in hopes of crossing the A line)

Write about what makes for a good CS group project. Suggest and discuss three project ideas you think would be appropriate for 2340 in the future. As a constraint, you can't use any video game ideas. A significant portion of people hate programming video games and we already do too much of that in other classes.

What Makes a Good Project
A good CS group project is not just large but comprised of several parts (in order to make responsibilities more easily seperable and also to allow the students to see the usefullness of unit testing and difficulties of integration (which promotes quality design))

A good project must also be a basic system with extentions/improvements. this allows for milestones that present some amount of functionality rather than a project that works all at once.

It would be nice if it were usefull or fun to use (although this is not neccessary) that way the student can feel acomplished when they complete it. Maybe even use their own program in the future.

Sample possible projects

1) PDA Calendar System
This system would have several displays (year, month, week, and day). It would account for leap year and allow the user to set holidays, alarms, as well as add memos and notes. These items would be added as objects which can be dragged from hour to hour or day to day etc (rather than being forced to remove and re-enter when events change).
...(wow I actually want to do this now. Hmm... maybe I will).

2) Fat Calculating System
In this system you'll be given a person (you presumable) you give them a name and stats. (height, weight, body type, minutes of excersize per week) you're also given basic food, (as well as a customizable "other food") all of which include amounts of sugar, fat, cholesterol etc. You drag them into the person's mouth or set an amount per day and then set a projection after a certain number of days. This will show you (both statistically and visually) the fattening or slimming of the person and their dangers(heart disease, heart attack, diabetes etc).
...(this project may be a little complex in its entirety but it's a good concept to take some ideas from.)

3) Computer Simulation
The computer would be limited to a few functions. The idea though is that they create the major parts of a computer perform their respective actions. this would be a good practice of OO design and implementation of unit testing. Perhaps ram, CPU, harddrive, and ethernet cards are required and how they put it together is up to them. Perhaps there are objects dragged to the computer which presents a problem that it must solve. The computer does it's thing and outputs a result object.

self halt.

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