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Greg K - CoWeb assignment 3

Extreme Programming:

Describe in detail how pair programming is done. What is the role of pair programming in extreme programming?

Pair progamming is a method of programming with another person. The way it is done is that one person watches another code over the others sholder. His job is to think of where to go next and check and question the coding of the other person. The pairs also activly switch positions.

What is the role of unit testing in extreme programming?

Unit testing has a very important role in extreme programing. You make the unit tests first so that you can acheive your goals and that you know where to go next.

History of OO:

Simula was the first Object Oriented Programming Language

Xerox Parc inovated GUI interfaces, windows that could be put over one another, and icons

One of the tenets of human-computer interaction is that “you are not your user.” Explain what is meant by this maxim.

remember that the user does not know what you were thinking when you made this and that your user may be nothing like you design for them not you

What is the difference between a mistake and a slip when classifying user errors?

a mistake is where the user doesn't know what they are doing a slip is the user screwing up what they know how to do

What is an example of a natural mapping in user interface design?

A up arrow on a remote controler for a tv,

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