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CoWeb Assignment 3 gtg541u

CoWeb Assignment 3
Extreme Programming (1 point)
Describe in detail how pair programming is done. What is the role of pair programming in extreme programming?
What is the role of unit testing in extreme programming?

Pair programming is a programming technique where two people work on some code at the same time. One of them is typing the code and the other watches and tries to catch errors and think of better ways to write the code. Pair programming in extreme programming tends to yield more efficient, more reliable code in the same amount of time as a single person would create less reliable code. Unit tests are writeen before code in extreme programming. They assure that the programmers don’t change any of the functionality during refactoring phases.

HCI (1 point)
One of the tenets of human-computer interaction is that “you are not your user.” Explain what is meant by this maxim.
What is the difference between a mistake and a slip when classifying user errors?
What is an example of a natural mapping in user interface design?

The phrase “you are not your user” means just that. The programmer is not designing a product for themselves. So the programmer has to keep in mind what is customary and comfortable for regular users. Usually the programmer will choose a target audience and design the product to satisfy their needs.

A mistake is when the user does not know what to do. A slip is when the user knows what to do but does it wrong.

A natural mapping example would be the X button in the top right corner of all windows in Windows.

Usability (1 point)
Don Norman provides a simple framework for explaining the interaction between people and the physical world. As part of that framework, he identifies two “gulfs”: the gulf of evaluation and the gulf of execution. Describe these and provide an example of each gulf in a situation of a user interacting with a computer application.

The gulf of execution is a gap between the user knowing what they want do and their ability to actually execute it. An example is a user wants to copy and paste text from one document to another but doesn’t know where the copy and paste buttons are.

The gulf of evaluation is difference in what the user thinks a system can do and what it actually can do. The user may open a text editor thinking it only deals with text when it can actually include graphics and sounds as well.

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