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CoWeb Assignment 3 (due 7/28)

Extreme Programming (1 point)
  1. Describe in detail how pair programming is done. What is the role of pair programming in extreme programming?
  2. What is the role of unit testing in extreme programming?
There are two roles in the pair programming are the driver and the navigator. The driver types and thinks tactically about the method being created and actually types out the code. The navigator thinks strategically about how the method fits into the class and tell the driver what code to type. The two programmers will take turns in each roles. In extreme programming, all coding is done through pair programming. The programmers will not always work together in the same pairs. They should be able to form pairs to work different problems. Ideally, unit tests should be written before any code is written and be based on the CRC cards. Unit testing allows the pair programmers to refactor without breaking old code/destroying the integrity of the program. The idea is to get smarter, cleaner, and more reusable code with refactoring, but also maintain the functionality of the old code.

History of OO (1 point)
  1. What was the first object-oriented language? What two elements, kept separate in structured programming, did it combine?
  2. Name three contributions to computing that were made at the learning research group at Xerox PARC?
The first object-oriented language was Simula. It combined inheritance and encapulation. Three contributions to computing that were made at xerox PARC were the creation of personal computer graphical user interface (GUI) paradigm, the mouse, and Ethernet.

HCI (1 point)
  1. One of the tenets of human-computer interaction is that “you are not your user.” Explain what is meant by this maxim.
  2. What is the difference between a mistake and a slip when classifying user errors?
  3. What is an example of a natural mapping in user interface design?

"You are not your user" means that the designers are not designing things for themselves, but instead a target audience. Even if the designers are within the specifications of the target audience, they are still not supposed to design for themselves. The best way to prevent designing for yourself is to test your software/ product with members from the target group. Mistakes are caused by wrong formulations by user of what to do, and slips happen when user have correct formulation but wrong execution. An example of a natural mapping in user interface design is having a left arrow icon move to the previous page and a right arrow icon move to the next page on a website.

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