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Good CS Group Project Ideas

Being in or around CS for the past few years has given me some ideas for what would make good CS group projects. We all have probably had to code a video games once,twice, or more in our CS careers, and the consensus is simple. Coding video games SUCKS. A lot of us enjoy playing them, and are even better at complaining about the bugs in them, but coding them is just not fun. So lets try a few other ideas...

I know these are usually pretty similar to video games, but they are not quite the same thing. Last summer's project for this class was a fish tank simulation, and it turned out to be pretty fun and interesting to do. Maybe in the future, CS projects could be other things, like ocean life, an ant farm or any other thing that can be simulated. Making and watching things that naturally happen can be a great project.

I've always been interested in taking things apart and putting them back together. Why not take CS and have it help another field? I think that making an application that would guide a person thorugh fixing things would be a good project. The program could help auto mechanics, plumbers, house builders, and other people who have to build or fix things. I've seen the books mechanics have about cars and fixing them, and this program would be a good replacement for all of the books. This way, we've helped to mechanic get to the information they need quickly and also helped out the trees that were needed to print all of those cumbersome books.

There are a lot of people in CS who gripe about various issues involved in the different operating systems available, so why not have groups to create their own? It may not be the most interesting thing to do, but it would definitely give people a chance to fix all of those issues that they have with whichever OS they prefer to use. They could even decide to fix all of the flaws in the ones they don't like. This type of project gives them free regin to be creative as they want, as long as they are creating a well designed OS.

NOTE: I know this is late but PLEASE accept at least some of it...if you look at the history I started a long time ago but got swamped with other stuff and forgot to finish it up before yesterday. I even tried yesterday about 2 hours late, but still got caught up with other work, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this.

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