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Summer 2006 Extra Credit

In the past, we have had extensive opportunities for extra credit. That is largely going away this semester. I'm increasingly of the opinion that this just turns out to be an extra assignment that pretty much everyone completes; since we scale a bit at the end of the semester, it's really a wash; it just means more work for you (at a time you should be thinking about your other exams). In addition, cases (that were useful in the past) are no longer as useful as the class transitions from Squeak to VisualWorks. Since some people would like the opportunity to improve their grade, here's what we'll do:

We'll have a small extra credit assignment (2 points maximum) due after the final exam but before you get your exam grade—Thursday, August 3rd,
5pm. If you feel that you might be borderline, then this will be an opportunity for you to move up. If you do not feel that you are borderline, you won't have to do the work.

Here are the things you can do:
  1. You can post a case about your project work. You can do this either asa team or as an individual. I would recommend doing it as a team as its easier to get points this way. However, you can only do this if your team received an A (90 and above) on Milestone 4.
  2. You can discuss three articles from Don Norman's and/or Jacob Nielsen's sites. Pick three articles that you think are the most relevant to either CS majors at Georgia Tech or, more specifically, students in 2340. Link to the articles, summarize them, and explain why you think that these are important.
  3. Write about what makes for a good CS group project. Suggest and discuss three project ideas you think would be appropriate for 2340 in the future. As a constraint, you can't use any video game ideas. A significant portion of people hate programming video games and we already do too much of that in other classes.
As in the past, extra credit will be judged by a combination of effort and usefulness to others. Since it can only be worth 2 points, you should put about the same amount of effort into this that would get you 100 on other CoWeb assignments.

Turn in your extra credit by attaching a link to it below. For instance, add your extra credit to your Who's Who page and then add a link to that page below:
Jason McGarr :
Wu Zhan - Wu Zhan - [cs2340] Extra Credit.doc
Christopher Octa -
Justin Clark
Michael Cook
Matt Drake
Danish Zia :
Mohammad S Islam
Rahul Gokulnath - extra_credit_2340.doc
Steven Studniarz -
Teddy Stotis
Joung-Goo Lee-extra_credit_2340.doc
Content Removed by User Request
Squeak U
Jiuguang Wang - Jiuguang's Extra Credit
Shilpa Nemani
Darryl D. Prince's Extra Credit Assignment (in hopes of crossing the A line)

Ram Lau's Extra Credit
Good CS Group Project Ideas

Extra Credit Assignment.doc

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