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Spring 2000 SqWhining page

Hmmm... does anyone else think this CoWeb and Squeak stuff smells kind of... uh... different? Like anything else that's new, I'm sure somebody has some problems with it. So, in order to be productive about it, I thought I'd start the...

SqWhinning page

Where you can whine about Squeak, the CoWeb, politics, the weather, or whatever else pisses you off today. See also the BookWhining page.

Smells different? How about, "Squeak is tiresome." Tiresome like the way you have to continuously tell the environment that just because you haven't coded all your statements yet, it's NOT alright to remove pieces of code. Tiresome like the way the environment still lags on a dual processor Octane w/ 2048 ram. Tiresome the way OO zealots justify this POS performance with 'Moore's Law' and trite phrases like "Everything is an object!" and "You never lose your code!". Tiresome in the way that there's not a single damn comment in 90% of the provided source code for the image.


Joe Hooper

There once was an old man from Esser,
Who's knowledge grew lesser and lesser.
It at last grew so small,
He knew nothing at all,
And now he's a CS Professor.
Jacqueline Walker

bryanh, 2000.01.13:

Who came up with all the ugly colors in Squeak? Was he like a 1960s-hippie leftover who had taken too much LSD and smoked too much pot? Why can't Squeak look "normal" and have "normal" colors?

jess[ica] a. close
at least we can change the colors :)

Rajib Quayum
p4 of lab1 just sucked... i had spent hours looking for the damn class method in Form and then i found it in... it's just stupid...

Rajib Quayum
arghhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! this is just f__ing annoying !!!!! sometimes squeak just decides not to accept my code and not tell me about it... so i type something, accept it, go to other stuff, and when i come back it's all gone !!!!!!!

Jennifer Raccuglia
I don't understand why the lab due date was pushed back. It was so
freaking easy. Whatever. Oh yah now I remember, the ice. Still.

Brandon Berg
I forgot to turn in Lab 2, thus missing out on the easiest 'A' this class will ever offer me. Mock my stupidity! It's more fun than a barrel of Squeakers!

Stephen Bennett
BOOST Stinks... did they really give the who created it a degree?

John Anderson

Gah! I type "i" to start inserting text and an "i" appears on the screen! Same with hjkl – I can't even move around in my source! What kind of lame vi clone is this?! No search-and-replace, no function repetition, no :line-commands! It's almost as if I were using Pico... hey, waitaminnit......

On a slightly more serious note, is anyone else constantly annoyed by the fact that pressing END at the end of a line takes you to the end of the text buffer?

Who writes these labs, anyway? I'm beginning to think that somewhere in the depths of the CoC there's a room filled with the proverbial monkeys jumping on typewriters...
Brandon Berg

Am I allowed to whine here, too?

I find it really annoying when people treat the class as a system to manipulate and get through, when I'm working to try to get people to LEARN something that might be useful to them. Y'know the type: "How few classes can I attend, how much work can I get my teammates to do, and how many homeworks/labs/assignments/exams can I miss, and still get my A?" Jeesh! Believe it or not – I come up with these things to try to give you experiences that will be useful to learn from, not to "shaft" you. If you just want a piece of paper, go to DeVry, or get a MCSE certificate from somewhere!

Okay, Whine-mode off. Mark Guzdial

^^ I used to have a roommate like that. - I wont get into that though.
As for squeak

I like notepad, GVIM (a graphical VI with mouse support), edit (msdos)
I like being able to skip over words while holding ctrl and I like the way that the home and end keys work in every other editor.
I like how on my computer I run an editor that has it's own thread and is (kinda) protected against another thread (my code running) crashing.
I like it when the editor only saves what I tell it to when I tell it to and I can go look at something else without a "You haven't saved this yet warning" (these seem contradictory but aren't).
I like the editor to have a LOT of abilities like vi
:s/^m/\r/g500 - or more if a large file
is all I need to convert a unix/squeak file into a windows format.
I hate having to put my mouse over where I am typing.
I could see another way of fileIn that is really useful for those who want an external editor - make the format such that someone could reasonably hand fix a corrupted fileOut.
I want a code library that someone other than people at disney know how to use.
I want a language that is smart enough to recognize when something is not working (like sound) and ask the user if they want to shut it off (like when sound stops working and every time you go to close a Morph the system locks up and you have to press ctrl - brk a couple of times.
I want an Index to those man pages (and in djgpp I have one).
And Something that would be useful - The ability to generate UML diagrams from code and then compare that to old versions of the diagrams and then ask the user to fill in the updated stuff.
I want a laguage that has the user's cursor as the highest priority so that I can do stuff while my newspaper is generating, In fact the cursor and keyboard and interface ('User thread') SHOULD be on a high priority - Why? well how confused do non computer users get when they accidently tell the cpu to do something that eats the entire processor and then their interface stops working.

This co web thing is pretty neat though, how unstable is it anyway?
I can think of a good handful of uses for it.
Jeff Kwasha

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