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CoWeb Assignment 1 gtg541u

CoWeb Assignment 1
Useful Cases

1. How To Complete Your First Milestone
Provides very useful tips for completing miletone 1. Attending class is, of course, the best way to understand what is going on. Also gives an overview of some basic features in Squeak. This is very helpful for a beginner.

2. General useful Squeak stuff
Gives extremely useful bits of code to accomplish tasks that ww will be asked to perform throughout the semester.

3. Proper CRC Card Creation
Shows the correct way to create CRC cards. They emphasize not confusing CRC cards with UML which is probably a very common mistake. This is also very helpful to a first time CRC card user.

4. Index of Tutorials and Generally Cool Squeak Things
Provides numerous valuable links to sites that have Squeak tutorials and code snippets. This can be very useful for even seasoned Squeak veterans because it has virtually every link a Squeak programmer would ever need.

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