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Spring 2000 Movie Reviews

I'm not putting descriptions of the movies, too tired for that
right now.

1)The Green Mile will keep your cheeks wet. Very moving, in many parts.
Based on Steven King novel by same name.
A must see. Still playing.
2)The Sixth Sense is another great one with what I thought to be a great ending.
3)Stigmata, interesting and good performance by Patricia Arquette. She plays a hairdresser cursed with the stigmata.
Arquette also performed well in Goodbye Lover with Ellen Degenerous.
These two are not must sees. Rent Goodbye Lover.
4)See Daniel Day-Lewis in "In the Name of The Father" (true story)
5)another true story: "Erin Brokovich", thought it was going to be a lame movie that they just pulled together just for the sake of making a movie, but it turned out really good.


If you liked the Matrix (and who didn't), and happen to be a David Cronenberg fan, go out and rent eXistenZ now. It doesn't have as much action as the Matrix, but it's much more of a head trip.

On the list of things to avoid, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT rent The Last Broadcast. It's in the vein of Blair Witch Project (which was a great deal better) and apparently it was made on a home PC. You can tell. The graphics are so bad that you almost forget how awful the acting is.

Susi Rathmann

Figuratively speaking, novels and biographies let us extend our own lifespan by absorbing the memories and experiences of others. The following movies won't keep you on the edge of your seat, but I believe they all offer a worthwild glimpse of the human condition.
  1. Men With Guns
  2. American Beauty
  3. Jeremiah Johnson
  4. Mr. Holland's Opus

And then, of course, there are movies that just plain rock:
  1. The Matrix
  2. Brom Stoker's Dracula
  3. The Fifth Element

Stephen Bennett

Oo! Don't forget the holy trilogy...Star Wars will always be the best.

I recently saw Magnolia which I really enjoyed...I found it to be very filling and satisfying..I also saw the Talented Mr Ripley which I also enjoyed so much that it has made me want to go back to Europe and live a lazy life again.
Some other good movies include a 90's French film called "la haine" english that means "hate"'s a French "boyz in the hood"..and it's very realistic.

Neil Devgon gte754h

Call me crazy, but I finally got to see Muppets from Space over the break, and with all these new huge thinking in your face movies (which I do like), I felt Muppets was a relaxing just fun overall comedy. A good one to rent after a long day of studying and your brain wants to laugh but not think too hard.

Cheyenne Throckmorton

I have to say that GalaxyQuest was damn hilarious! That movie had me rolling. I'm not a Trekkie or anything, but I just had to laugh at the references to TV in general. If you worship Star Trek, you might be offended. Go see it!

David Jaggie

its like i wonder what all this crap is about...
first of all a list of some movies that definitely rock:

1. once upon a time in america (1984; de niro etc)
2. the godfather part 1&2 only!
3. bladerunner
4. fellini's films
5. 2001 space odyssey (something like that)
6. i cant remember the rest

as to what regard movies u ppl mentioned here is what i think :

matrix is interesting, i like the idea...
dead poets society is ok a bit pathetic
star wars well i never understood what was so special about it, maybe the special efx back in the days but w/ all the money invested i really think some of the comp animations were pretty cheap and unoriginal (others were goo i agree) that long-eared guy is a major wuss by the way ...

punkmaster flex

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