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Coweb Assignment One

Cases I found useful:
1. Proper CRC Card Creation - I was not sure what exactly CRC cards were and it seemed pretty important in the class based on the first lecture. this case shows how to make CRC cards and how they are useful before drawing the UML diagrams.

2. How To Complete Your First Milestone - This might not be useful at the moment but getting a good start on the project for this class would be great. It gives some general guidelines on how to go about using the new language and some specifics for navigating around squeak till we can get a proper handle on it.

3. 2006Spring: MusExMachina: Team Productivity Practices - This case has a lot of great stuff on how to colloaborate effectively while doing a group project. Like the prof. said, even if we had great experiences with our cs2335 teams, we should make sure nothing goes wrong in this class. This case has some specifics on setting up mailing lists, how to effectively schedule meetings, using a revision control system and commiting working and error-free code.

4. Some progress using CVS with Squeak (or: Standing on the Shoulders of Bears) - I am really comfortable with using CVS and this is a good case for using CVS when working on team projects for this class. They've provided useful code for doing it appropriately as well (filing in and filing out directories).

5. Mini Java-to-Squeak Tutorial - I've been using Java, Python and C++ for the past few years. Since squeak is relatively new, this tutorial is useful in relating basic java code into squeak. I'm sure I'll know this really well after my first programming assignment but it should really help till then.

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