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Darryl D. Prince Useful Cases

I find the case site Team BadApple to be usefull. Because it contains detailed information about what the goals where for the milestones, as well as what they did to achieve the milestone. They included pictures and more importantly they include a section in each A section for future students giving advice from their recent experience with the project. This site is complete. If you want to know how to put together a project this is where you need to go. They show you everything and even scanned their hand written pages. everythign from CRC cards an UMLs to GUI design and the emplementation that brings those concepts to life. Definatly my top choice.

Team nil's site is usefull for many of the same reasons. While it's not as organized as Team BadApple's site it's just as complete. It includes pictures which I find important for comprehention, some things you need to see. This site includes a complete UML which I think is very helpful even if the project is different it allows you to see at least one way of creating an OO class hiearchy. Also the text provided is thourough in explaining goals and challanges and is written in such a way that is feels as if it was meant for future students to read and comprehend. they also included their Test Cases which is just amazing to me Not that they did them but that they posted them it's great to see how other people think to test.

Team Toast's site is not nearly as complete as the other previous 2 but they offer 1 extremely important lesson that I believe is a better lesson than anything that the previously mentioned. That lesson is persistance. This team fell behind an performed subpar on a couple early milestones. But the story shown in their case page is a story of recovery. They endedup creating a decently useful and fully functional program and were not discouraged nor continually penalized for mistakes made early on as they made up for them and got through the rest of the project dispite them.

One more thing that deserves mentioning is Mini Java-to-Squeak Tutorial. I don't know if the How to's count towards this assignment but this page all be it simple contains the basics that a java programmer would even need to consider trying to program in squeak. prints the page out. There are a lot of Tutorials which look helpful and informative. (Hints the word tutorial)

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