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Useful Cases:

1. Chowder Powder Cases
This case clearly demonstrates the importance of time management in a
project oriented class, such as this one. I like the way author honestly
described his experience with PA1 and PA2, to show how procrastination and bad
planning can make an assignment more difficult to complete on time.

2. Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.
This case is useful because visual presentation is easier to interpret than
reading. After watching the video clips, you will learn how to do some simple
but useful tasks (e.g. file in, save, edit and share code, using sender button).

3. subversion revision control with squeak
We all know how inconvenient to share code via email and IM; using a concurrent
version control software such as CVS and subversion makes sharing codes a lot easier.
This case gives few tips to make subversion to work with Squeak.

4. Team Dirty Packets Milestone 6
At the end of this semester, we will have to evaluate another groupsí
project for usability to complete Milestone 5.So, I picked this case since it
does a good job of detailing steps and tips required to complete usability

5. Team extends Good implements Skill Cases
This case shows how to use MVC Controller to Simplify Implementation; it
includes a good example of using MVC in Squeak.

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