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Spring 2000 Restauraunt Reviews

Einstein's on 12th & Juniper has an excellent prime rib, limp-wristed bartenders, nice outdoor atmosphere, and a gay pride flare. $17ish for a good steak.
Imperial Fez- the bomb. Exquisite Moroccoan (sic) restaurant on peachtree towwards Buckhead. Full 5 course meal in the $40-$50 range, but it's damn well worth it. I highly reccomend the lamb with honey & almonds.
Cafe Diem- Highlands, Pretense, cheesecake, coffee.
Intermezzo- Buckhead, More Pretense, alcohol, pricey but tasy dishes, cofee, and those lovely bowls full of sugar cubes at each table.
Mick's- On peachtree, good steak, $13ish range.
Houston's- The one by lenox is much better. Try the french dip. $15ish.
Nino's- on Cheshire Bridge; marvelous Italian selection for ~ $13ish, and the staff is cool as hell- you'd swear The Don'll walk in at any moment.
Eat's- Ponce by Kroger. Cheapest $4 pasta in town.
Spaghetti Factory- When you're craving cheap pasta but want to take your date somewhere a bit fancier than Eat's. Ponce. $12ish.
Mary Mac's- Ponce, across from Spaghetti Factory. Good southern cooking. $10ish goes a long way there.
WaWa's- on Howell Mill I think. $4 Chinese buffet, but you get what you pay for. Try not to wonder too much about what's in the food.
Majestic- Ponce- Imagine a waffle house full of Clairmont Lounge Regulars. You can't eat here without something weird happening. Waho prices.
R. Thomas's- GOOD hotwings, but the place is really expensive. Cool atmosphere, on peachtree across from intermezzo. Cute waitresses from time to time.
That's enough for now, all this typing's made me quite hungry!

Harold's - great old timey sort of bbq joint, down by Atlanta Federal.
If you're into that GA vinegar sauce, it's the place for you. Cracked floorboards and all. =)
Ru San's - tasty sushi bar down on piedmont, actually there's 3 or 4 of them now, from what i've heard. If you're craving soem nicely priced baby octopus or conch clam or what not, give it a shot.


The best steak house around would definitely have to be Bones in Buckhead. It's a little on the pricey side, but I have never had a better steak.


fratelli di napoli - behind mick's on peachtree. tha courses are all 15 to 30 dollars, but it is a true 'family restaraunt' in that tha dishes serve about 1.5 to 2 people. so bring some folk that have similar taste, and enjoy some of tha best itallian dining in atl.


I'm just trying this out because it looks fun.Good restaurants...I would suggest Joey D's up by perimeter mall and just about anything up in Virginia Highlands. The Vortex at little5points has great veggie burgers...the best I ever had..but you can't enter the Vortex after 7pm unless you are 21yrs old.

Neil Devgon gte754h

Bones does have EXCELENT steak as Susi said, but I prefer Ruth Chris's . There are 3 locations in Atlanta (Buckhead, Centennial Park, and Sandy Springs) but they are all over the world too. I highly recommend the Filet and mash potatoes.
Patrick Reyes

try SOME LIKE IT HOT its great southern food with careing service its hours are mon-fri 7:30am-9:00pm , sat 8 am-9pm, sun closed its off of collier road in atlanta in the lower parking lot of winn dixie.come down and visit for a fesh homeaide meal. we do dine in carry out, catering and delivery. Call us at (404)355-1616 for more info


Wow, we've never had anyone try to ADVERTISE in here! Mark Guzdial

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