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Teddy's CoWeb Assignment 1

Useful case pages:

2006Spring: MusExMachina: Team Productivity Practices:
This page gives a lot of helpful tips on working well as a group. They offer a lot of advice like making a calender with everyone's free time, making a custom image for the group, setting up a policy on how everoyne should submit their code, etc. I'm definitely going to try to get my group to follow some of their tips because I feel like it will definitely save us some time in the long run.

Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.:
Whoever made this is amazing and I love them. Haha, I hate reading tutorials on how to use programs and how to code. (maybe I'm in the wrong major) Ive always been more of a visual learner, and some of these mini-tutorials have a lot of useful tips and tricks. Check it out.

Index of Tutorials and Generally Cool Squeak Things:
Ummmmmmm, this page has every link you'll EVER need in order to code in Squeak. I've never seen so many Tutorials and How-To's on one page before. BOOKMARKED!!! (no laughing at my lameness)

Cases Index (2006) by Team NotSoCreative:
This team's explanation of their CRC cards is VERY thorough. I know we haven't started this stuff yet, but whenever we do start using CRC cards, I know this'll probably be the first page I go to for help if I ever need it.

Team "Clubbing of Baby Seals" - Introduction to Squeak, its Tools, and GUI Debugging Case Study:
Weird name, yeah, but they got a really good quick tutorial on Squeak, as well as some good tips on working as a group. I like how they include a lot of useful stuff that I would have otherwise had to have sit though reading a huge tutorial to find out. Still can't get over the name though...

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