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Jennifer Raccuglia

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I am Jengirl.
But, you can just call me Mistress Jeni.

Main page
download Squeak

my portfolio:
Atlanta Pressure Washing

Fortune Staffing

Tutto Ricco

some wierd (j/k) ppl I talk to (in who's who)
Kyle Randolph this guy is such a dork oh my god he procrastinates studying 5 hours before the 2340 final by vandalizing silly coweb pages!!
Desi McAdam
Mike Yunis
Shaggz Mickley
Shaun Morber
Chris Spears
matt keelan
sorry if I forgot someone


Vinh was here

Talk to me man.....!

I'll do no such thing! -Shagg(y|z)

Im looking for more info about the raccuglias my Name is Pieralberto Raccuglia, my father was born in Palermo Sicily they are originally from misilmeri any info on your side?


This is Jen's brother Joe, my sis is a major wacko, so watch out!
j/k,. anyway, i'm not too sure about this page but, it seems to have a small purpose, but i cannot figure it out.
later taters.

the purpose of this page is to pollute the minds of americas youth with the filth. the pot and the sex are all part. the american filth.

uhm, I'm not really sure how I got to this site. My brother lives in Atlanta though, so you should go see him play at Fat Matts every thursday.


hello jenny, i'm looking at ur pic. uch lol
hello jenny, i'm looking at ur pic. uch lol
Hi Jenny—this is your new step-mother—Just thought I'd visit your page and say Hi kiddo. Hope everything is going OK for you. Miss you—-We Love you.

hi jenny this is dad i'm looking at u is this part of your work at the office, i found this by just typing in raccuglia

Hey Jen, I live in Atlanta and found this page by typing in Fat Matt's. If you ever come to Atlanta and wanna go let me know!

Okay, I'll go, who is this?

hey u guys this is jens dad be carefull. i'm looking at u. by the way pieralberto i was born i aidone, sicily. maybe we have some conections, my dad also born there. his name was filippo raccuglia , come back.
merry xmas to all and to all a good nite
hello mistess raccuglia , how r we doing

Don't forget about your grandfather Sal Giustra. He is from Aidone as well.

Im Jenny Bennyz how are they hanging boyz
Im Jenny Bennyz, how are they hanging boyz

hi jen!!!!!!!
its bree i found ur page from ur dad thanks for my x-mas presnt!!

Hey Jen..Joe's old roommate Adam here. He told me about the site, and said you were some kind of Satanist now, but I don't see much about The Prince of Lies here. PS Nice pic..I don't remember you looking that good on Elizabeth St. Maybe that's cause you spent most of the time flicking me off...J/K Come down to Chas. some time—AE

Have you been to the Cresent room lately? It was nice meeting you there. I like your website.

This isn't my website if that's whatcha mean...but you probably did get here from my website.

I was refering to, I really enjoyed alot of the poetry/lyrics. :)

Did anyone you know get Chili Peppers tickets for tonight?

no. I heard that u could only get them by winning them off the radio or something

From swiki help "A line starting with '_' (an underscore) becomes a horizontal line. This is often used to separate topics. "

Insane Prices
It's horrible on Ebay... I'm dying to get into that show! I'll figure it out! I always do ;)
I got em... Free too!!!
Oh my gawd, that show ruled... But horrible things happened as always

July 17,2002.
Hi Jeni, Just wanted to say Hi and that we miss you. Hope to see you soon. We Love you.
Love, Your Dad & Mary
July 17,2002.
Hi Jeni, Just wanted to say Hi and that we miss you. Hope to see you soon. We Love you.
Love, Your Dad & Mary

I miss you too sweets. :(
does this thingy still work, oh i guess so. joey
this page is so old and its great! i cant believe its still up. i need a coweb page! too bad UofU doesnt offer them. rock on, fuigarno! visit for your weekly fix.
- dj


anyone go here anymore?
Hi JeNnY
yO GiRl WaTs Up? Nm HeRe I cAmE bAcK tO Say HiNeSS!!!!!!!!11
MuCh O LoVe
cha cha, why is this still up? yo bro in boston.

because I am famous, why aren't you working young one

My grandparents came here to america from aidone also!
Pete C.

what is their last name?

My name is Matt Raccuglia i was reading and my family is from Palermo Sicily so i thought i woud just say hi to my fellow raccs

so where do you live Matt? email me at I'm always interested in talking with people from the old country.
Jennifer Raccuglia

Yo whats shakin baccon nm here im all growed up lol well hope to talk to you soon heres my sn: fuzzyrainbowz or raccmin im me one day opk
yoyoyoyoyo jeni jeni
omg, i cant believe that you can still add to this
hey pete, i'm jens dad , , i come from aidone how long u been here, and tell me someone u or family know in aidone, have u visited aidone ever, ciao for now.
Bree, give me an update on PA. How have you been?

hi, my name is nick raccuglia and i come from bagheria, i've been to missilmeri but never to aidone, just dropping in to say hello to other raccuglia's

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