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Rich LeBlanc

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I am currently spending much of my time on assignment from Georgia Tech, serving, as Director of Education for Yamacraw, Georgia’s economic development initiative in the design of broadband systems, devices, and chips. In this position, I coordinate the educational activities of the eight participating Yamacraw universities, helping them to fulfill one of Yamacraw’s five-year goals: to increase to 1000 per year the number of graduates of computer science and computer, electrical and software engineering programs with specializations appropriate for broadband product design

Prior to beginning this appointment in August 2000, I served as Associate Dean of the College of Computing for eight years. I have been a faculty member at Georgia Tech since 1978, serving for three years in the late 1980’s as Acting Associate Director of the School of Information and Computer Science, the predecessor of the College of Computing.

I am co-author of a popular textbook on compiler construction, published in two versions, Crafting a Compiler and Crafting a Compiler with C. These texts have been adopted by over 100 colleges and universities.

My official web site is rather badly out of date. I'll add a pointer to a new one in the near future.

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