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Nicholas Heins

Hi I'm Nicholas Heins. I am 4th year CS Major. I have one work rotation left on my coop. When not thinking about tech, I am mountain biking, running, and working on my house.

CA3 gtg994h

CoWebAssignment2 gtg994h

CoWeb Assignment 1:

Team extends Good implements Skill Cases

I found this to be a well written walk through, with an excellent level of detail. It shows you how to create a basic gui program with easy to follow steps. It also explains the point of using the Model-View Controller.

Sudoku PA1

Occassionally it helps to have a real student admit that waiting until the last minute creates problems. It reiterates that the class is difficult. He also provides fixes for some very basic mistakes. More than likely I will make these same mistakes starting out.

Team Modulus Cases

It's nice to see that someone finally mentions why it is important to create CRC cards, UML, and SUnit. Up until this point I have essentially asked myself what are these things and why do we need to use them. Team Modulus has answered both of these questions.

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