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Teddy Stotis

Name: Teddy Stotis
Year: Sophomore
Co-op Job: Panasonic Automotive Systems of America @ Peachtree City, GA
Interest: Automotive Embedded System Design
Hobbies: Video Games
-Now Playing: WoW, Oblivion, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Final Fantasy 7 (2nd time), F.E.A.R., CoD2, CS: Source, Alien Swarm
Wow Character: Proof on server Chrommagus
His face looks like a 70's pornstar's... but purple.
What I'm up to: My computer overheats and blue screens on me whenever I play CS, so I'm gonna have to liquid cool it, and I know almost nothing about that stuff... So if you know alot about liquid cooling, gimme some pointers. Doing it with a friend of mine who needs to do it too.
AIM Screenname: CypriotPryde

Serious Stuff:

Teddy's CoWeb Assignment 1

Teddy's CoWeb Assignment 2

Teddy's CoWeb Assignment 3

Teddy's Extra Credit Assignment

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