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CoWeb Assignment 1 (5/22)

Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.
This is the celebrated Video Professor for Squeak. I thank Jared for his effort in making these YouTube videos. (What great invention!) If you haven't used Squeak before, this is a terrific tutorial to get you started. I'm not the first one to recommend this page. But it deserves to be mentioned many more times.

Stack Overflow
The descriptions of the milestone objectives are helpful and quite on point. Some good tips and recommendations are included in the useful stuff pages.

Seaside Basics
I came across Seaside after reading pages on Comanche like How-To Use and Setup Comanche among others. According to its official website, "Seaside is a framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk." Besides programmatic HTML generation, the major selling points of Seaside include callback-block automations and and embedding subcomponents. It is available for both Squeak and VisualWorks as of May 2006.