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Shilpa Nemani

I am a fourth year CS major. My specialization is in Databases. Hobbies...many and are basically a lot to include here. I love roller-coasters and 6-flags is my favorite place during summers!

Extra Credit : extracredit.doc
Co Web Assignment 3 : UI Evaluation.pdf

Co Web Assignment 1

1)M's Cases

This webpage gives a beginner squeak programmer a good idea of initial design process involved in development of an application. Not only do they explain what steps are included in the design development but also explain why it is important that we should choose to have a good design in the early stages of application development. I also got a very good understanding of what CRC cards and scenarios are and how to make them.

2)Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.

As the title of the article suggests, I am one of those many lazy people who doesn’t like to read text for some of the common usability operations. Although, at this point of the semester most of the shortcuts explained in this video may not seem very useful, it’s a good bookmark for upcoming programming assignment.

3)Mini Java-to-Squeak Tutorial

A very very informative article differentiating between the syntaxes of Java and Squeak. This article is especially useful for those who have never coded in any other language other than C and Java (like me). It gives a good summary on the most basic operations that we would want to try out before getting started with the programming assignments.

4) Bears with Lightsabers

Just the kind of advice I was looking for after the 1st week of classes and I still couldn’t get the hang of the class. Almost all my friends that passed out of this class always gave only one expression—“I hate this class, it’s a waste of time and energy, I am never going to use it in my entire life again”. So that put a notion in my head that this class is probably a waste, but after the 1st week of classes and the article from the above website, I am very convinced that I am going to learn good product development from this class.

Co Web Assignment 2

QUESTION: Message Passing (1 point)

while loop

while (aBooleanTest)
// do stuff


[aBooleanTest] whileTrue: [ do stuff].

Object : aBooleanTest
Message: whileTrue
Argument: [ do stuff ]

for loop

for (i = 1; i = 10; i++)
// do stuff


1 to: 10 do: [ do stuff ]

Object: 1
Message: to: and do:
Arguments: 10 and [ do stuff ]


if (aBooleanTest)
{ // do stuff
{ // do stuff

Solution: (aBooleanTest) ifTrue: [ do stuff]
ifFalse: [do stuff]

Object: aBooleanTest
Messages: ifTrue,ifFalse
Arguments: [do stuff]

QUESTION: Tracing Code (1 point)
The following Smalltalk statements are written in a Squeak Workspace. In order from top to bottom, you execute each statement with Alt-p to print its result. Next to each statement, write the result.

1 + 2 3 - 4 factorial —>-15

a := #(1 2 3 4 5) – variable a is assigned with an array of numbers

a select: [:i | i odd] – returns #(1 3 5)

b := a – variable b now points to a

a := a reversed – #( 5 4 3 2 1)

b collect: [:i | i i] –> #(1 4 9 16 25)

a perform: #at: withArguments: #(4) –>2

UI Evaluation.pdf

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