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Michael Morceau

I am a senior CS major with specialization in networking and information security. I plan to focus my area specialization in heatlhcare information sercurity (HIPAA). My hobbies are research and playing with my son's Logan Tyler and Ian Alexander and spending time with my wife Dr. Elyse M. Morceau.

Helpful Cases

Spring 2005 Team: Real Programmers Drink Coke Team Real Programmers Drink Coke

Sections On:

My old page has links to just about all you need to know about using Morphic and some pretty cool tricks using Morphic.

This site is also a perfect example of excellent Scenarios, Timelines, UML Design, Description and CRC cards. We detailed the project from start to finish and showed how we added features without having to redesign everything.

Feel free to download the application and run it or not. Take a look at our screen shots. Here's our link. Team Real Programmers Drink Coke

A few tips I can give, is Demo, Demo, Demo. As much as possible to get feedback from the TA and not lose stupid points for waiting until the last mintue. Use version control, CVS don't use DVS. Bad very Bad. Just in case bad things happen and they do even with CVS. But, even with CVS save your image. Save it until your sick of saving your image and then save it some more. So, you won't get reamed!!

Fall 2003 Team: Bears with Lightsabers Bears with Lightsabers

Section On:

Also, for alot of handy CVS tips before you learn the hard way, Some progress using CVS with Squeak(or:Standing on the Shoulder of Bears

This link discusses the ins and outs of using CVS with Squeak and is chocked full of chocolaty goodness.

A must see.

One for the masses.

Check It Out or You'll Die!

Summer 2004 Team: Living the Dream Living the Dream

Section On:

This link has alot, I mean alot of good examples of how to get started using Morphic, if you have no clue.

There is also another excellent link about using layouts with Morphic that comes complete with very detailed examples.
As well as, the Morphics links there is a link to tips on Using CVS, which I won't link. But as you can see there is a continuing theme on just about every page in Cases.

Use CVS and Save Your Images.

But even with all that said some group will still do it there way and cry about how they lost their image and all the problems they had with version control spasing.

Oh well. I tried to warn you.

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