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Yuan Liu

Welcome to MY territory!

gtg842y CoWeb Assignment 3

gtg842y CoWeb Assignment 2

About ME
I am 3rd year majoring computer science

interesting: Computer Games, Basketball, Criminal justice


Useful Cases
Mini Java-to-Squeak Tutorial
This case is very useful for people who just went out Java class and come straight into the squeak world. It helps us to quickly adapt from one language to another. For instance, we did most of project based on Java, and suddenly we changed the environment to squeak. I find myself always comparing the code in Squeak to java. If I know how to do the same concept of coding in java, I could also done the samething with the help of this case.

Team "Clubbing of Baby Seals" - Introduction to Squeak, its Tools, and GUI Debugging Case Study
This is a very interesting and helpful case. It provided basically step-by-step introduction for squeak programming. It is literally a "Squeak tutorial for dummies" for me. This case introduced many common tools we have to use in Squeak, so when I open my squeak environment I could say, "wow, this is how I can start," and without been confused of don't know where to start from beginning.

Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.
I find this case is very useful because it helps me to understand squeak better and quicker. For most of time, text details are dry and boring. It is just like how you are going to teach someone who just uses computer for the first time: no matter how specific you telling others to how to operate the computer, most of time he/she still does not know what to do unless you doing it once for them. This video feature does reduces my learning time towards squeak.

oh and last thing....

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