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Summer 2006 Programming Assignment 2

Due: Wednesday, 21 June 2006
For this programming assignment, you will continue extending the Simon game that you did for Programming Assignment 1. For those of you not completing PA1, we have provided a solution for you (Simon-middle.cs). You are welcome to use either that solution or your own solution to complete this assignment. Here are the features that you will be asked to add to Simon:
In addition to these features, you will write unit tests for the model of your Simon game. It is recommended that you implement the unit tests first for Simon Says and Player Says. Then, you can use the unit tests to make sure these games still work as you add Choose Your Color. Then, after that works, you can add the new look. This recommendation is made to save you some time. Unit tests can be extremely helpful when you are extending a system to make sure it still works. If you follow this recommendation, you can hopefully experience the benefit of doing unit testing.

A Better Look

We don't expect you to have mad Photoshop skills, so we've provided some basic images that can help you create a cooler looking Simon interface. Of course, you are welcome to design your own. The interface is based on a 316x316 size circle:

Uploaded Image: simonCircle.gif
Figure 1: Example Interface (Red Button On)

Images for Off Buttons

Uploaded Image: greenOff.gifUploaded Image: redOff.gif
Uploaded Image: yellowOff.gifUploaded Image: blueOff.gif

Images for On Buttons

Uploaded Image: greenOn.gifUploaded Image: redOn.gif
Uploaded Image: yellowOn.gifUploaded Image: blueOn.gif

Grading Criteria

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