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Summer 2006 CoWeb Assignment 1

Due: Monday, 22 May 2006
The intention of this CoWeb assignment is to get you more familiar with the resources available on this site. Many people have contributed advice, documentation, and sample code that should help you with this class. Many of these things are posted on the Cases page. Here are some examples of things from last semester worth looking at:

What to do

  1. Create a page for yourself on Summer 2006 Who's Who page. Include a little bit about yourself (hobbies, a picture if possible, etc.). If you use a nickname, include your full name on your home page, so that we (the instructor and the TA) can figure out who you are.
  2. Browse through the Cases to find 3 to 5 pages that you think are helpful.
  3. On your "Who's Who" page, link to those pages; you can link to a page by surrounding its name with astericks (i.e., *Page Name*). For each link, write a paragraph about why you think this is a useful page.
  4. Your assignment will be graded by the quality of the pages you cite and how much you gain from them. Ideally, other students in this class would be benefitted from your write-up—you found the best resources and describe their contributions well.

Post questions to the newsgroup.

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