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Milestone 5: Polishing and Extending

Milestone 5: Polish, Extend, and Present

Words of Caution: This is probably the most time consuming milestone, so be prepared to spend alot of work on this section. More than likely that will mean at least one late night at the CoC, but I'm sure you are used to that by now :) .

In the previous milestone, you took your design and began to implement it. In this phase, you take the next step to take your rough implementation and polish and extend it to be something worth presenting. Our Milestone 4 for the Squeakimation studio was very simple, our GUI really only involved a text area to input a script, the scene, and a button that could be pressed to run the script and display the results on the scene. For Milestone 5, this would not be enough.

One of the first things we had to do was to figure out exactly how we were going to polish the project. I suggest that you look at the requirements for the milestone and then brainstorm out a list of how you can meet those requirements. We came to the decision to add a graphical editing tool for creating the scripts. Our GUI uses list morphs to add new sceneobjects to the scene, as well as having the sceneobjects perform various objects.

Our Code

For the demo itself, we chose to do an animation of the first level in Super Mario Brothers. It turned out pretty well.

The key point about this milestone is that you are going to be presenting your code to others. That means that you should prepare something to present. Unless you are very good at impromptu speaking, just having the code on hand and running through it probably is not enough, you will want to know beforehand what you are going to say. Also, make sure you have a fairly impressive demo script to run. Having a visually impressive or entertaining presentation can do a lot to making the bugs in your project seem smaller. Almost every group is going to have some sort of bug on presentation day, the goal is to minimize the appearance of those bugs.

Our Bugs

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