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Video Professor: Because reading is HARD.

Videos for Squeak ultra-beginners

I noticed there was very little information on how to do the simplest of things and thought a visual tutorial would be best. I used AutoScreenRecorder 2.1 Pro to capture the screen. Feel free to add to this. Thanks, Jared Salzmann

Videos require flash to play:

How to remove the Squeak mouse logo thing.

How to swap the control and alt keys so you can do control-c and control-v like normal programs.

How to file in new code.

How to see the code using the system browser.

How to edit code.

How to quickly save.

How to quickly share code.

Working with Morphs.

The Workspace.

How to find a class.

How to find a method.

About the Senders button.

About the Implementers button.

About the Heirarchy button.

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