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How to make good CRC cards and Scenarios

Here are some recommendations that will help you to create good CRC cards and Scenarios.
CRC cards
When writing class responsibilities for CRC cards use plain English and be very specific. You have to be able to step through your Scenarios using your CRC cards.

Here is an example of wrong and good CRC card.


Uploaded Image: WrongCRC.gif

There are four errors on this CRC card.

1. Instead of saying that a responsibility of MediaStudio is to "Manage the script", be more specific and say what exactly what MediaStudio
does: "Loads and runs the script".

2. Same thing for the animation. Instead of saying that MediaStudio manages the animation, say it plays, pauses,and stops the animation.

3. If you look at Collaborators, "ScriptController: run" is wrong. Collaborators are just class names that MediaStudio collaborates with.
Change "ScriptController: run" to "ScriptController".

4. Responsibilty "Display animation" means that MediaStudio displays the animation. But this is not correct. MediaStudio tells Screen to display the

Once all these changes are made this how correct CRC card looks.


Uploaded Image: CorrectCRC.gif

Have an electronic copy of your CRC cards because sometimes you may not get them back from your ta before the next milestone is due.


When writing scenarios make sure you do not use any technical words. Use words that user can understand. For example, on the milestone 2 we used some technical words and we lost points for that. Here is a short example on how to write scenario.

Jeff double clicks on the Character Studio, which opens a drop down menu that displays various character options.

Jeff goes to the Character Studio and creates his character John with blond hair, red hat, and white skin color.

So, there is no need to mention “drop down menu that displays various character options” you can just say that user creates character with specific characteristics.

Try to finish your milestone early enough, so you have time to show it to your ta before you turn it in.

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