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Discussion of Design

Good OO design should simulate the real world as closely as possible. That is the whole point behind OO. So in newspaper we tried to do exactly that. The class name parallel what the class would do if it was real life entity. For example, Reporter goes and gets stories from sources. Parsers are there own class. Editor controls Reporters as in real life. This makes defining the role of the class a lot easier, and programming becomes more focused. While we made some minor changes to our Desing throughout the project, the major change came when the user (Mark) wanted to make the paper web based, and displayed in a really cool way. We ended up creating a paper that would be printed to a book morph with columns. We were trying to mirror real life as close to possible.

One thing that changed consitently throughout our project was our GUI. Look at the design change on it from P2 to P5.

P2.5 started as a simple four button GUI wihtout any menus, and we eneded up a wonderfully designed GUI at the end in P5.

As we progressed througout the semester, we kept on thinking of things to improve our gui, as well as keep up with the changing needs of the project.

The P5 GUI has all the menus labeled nicely as well as clearly marked buttons below them. Generating and saving the paper is a snap.

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