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Martin's CW 2

CW 2

How to use Monticello with FTP

Monticello is one of the best features in the Squeak! environment in terms of increasing productivity. Some sort of source control is a must when working in group projects.

Here is som help on a good way to set it up.

On the world menu, choose open... Monticello Browser.

For the repository space I used an FTP that I had set up through mindspring with 10 MB of storage. This should be enough for our projects.

Once you have an FTP, start in the Monticello Browser.

Add a Package to version control by doing +Package, be sure the type the name EXACTLY like it is in your package list.

With that package selected, click +Repository - select FTP.

rename each of the string entries to match with your FTP
host - URL to get to the ftp, I used 'ftp.mindspring,com'
directory - the directory in the ftp to use for monticello
user - FTP username
password - FTP password

once that is done you can now all code to the repo and also open the repo.

To add code, on the monticello browser, select both the project and repo you wish to use and click Save.
Uploaded Image: cs2340-CW2-Browser.PNG

When successful, a message entry window will appear allowing you to enter a message about this submission.

By instead clicking Open, a list of submissions will be displayed on a new window.
These submissions are in the form -..mcz
By highlighting any one of these, you can check the message associated with that submission.

Uploaded Image: cs2340-CW2-Repo.PNG

Using the Changes button opens a window listing all changes on the top half by class and message.
Once one of these is selected, a code window will appear. Common text remains black, while deleted text has a blue strikethrough and red text signifies new code. (All relate to the current state of your code)

Click the Load button to HARMFULLY REPLACE AND REMOVE all local code with code in the submission, note the REPLACE AND REMOVE.

Diff may be used to compare the current selection with a previous one by the same coder to generate just the changes between them.

History lists all comments of submissions taken before a highlighted project.

Merge lets you select which changes you want to take, as opposed to Load.

If you ever get an error with a once-working FTP using Monticello, relax and try in the future, possibly close and reopen the monticello windows.

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