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Design Comparison of GUI and project between P2.5 and P4 and P5

The first thing that you must absolutely understand about CS2340 is there is no perfect design. Secondly you must remember that new ideas and needs come up all the time, and your design must change to acommodate those needs or ideas. A client could potentiall change his or her mind at any time about something, and you need to be able to adjust to it.

Our designs changed from our P2 original GUI, to P2.5 to P4 and from P4 to P5

Take a look at a screen shot of our GUI for P5. This is our best GUI yet and it looks like to be a good plausible solution for our user interface.

Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/P5GUI.jpg)

Take a look at a screen shot at our GUI for P4.

Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/NewGui.jpg)

Notice how some of the desing improvements we talked about in P2 case have been implemented. This GUI is much more preferrable to the one that we were showing before. Look at the old one to see the difference.

Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/P2Screenshot.jpg).

Compare the UML Diagrams as well.

1. -P2.5 OOA
2. -P2.5 OOD

Take a look at a discussion of desgin.

3. -P4 OOA
4. -P4 OOD

5. P5 OOA
6. P5 OOD

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