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We jointly created a squeak distribution customized for our needs, and required it's use in development

We jointly participated in creating a single squeak image we all would develop under. We agreed on things to the finest detail (like how squeak appears when you first load it) to channel team efforts and limit problems varying between squeak running instances. This image also included related items likes picture files, which provided us with some consistent resources to test our project with.

For the curious Squeaker, here is the image we used, which used the following:

Here is a copy of our team distribution files: Note: This is released for the 3.7 Squeak distribution. We hope our suggestions will be adopted and incorporated into course materials (as an enhanced option to complement the currently released image), securing its maintenance for newer Squeak versions.

For the proactive Squeaker, please encourage Squeak developers to update their projects.

For example, there is a package called "BrowseUnit" available on SqueakMap. BrowseUnit integrates SUnit development, method stubbing, and refactoring all into the current browser. One of our team members has seen some screenshots and saw a significant advantage in the ability to quickly switch between coding a method and automatically going to its corresponding SUnit. The only problem with BrowseUnit is that it hasn't been updated for our version of Squeak. So for projects like "BrowseUnit" or any other useful (but incompatible) project you find lying around on the internet, consider sending the developer a polite email like the following, and they might (or might not) help you out:
To: "'Romain Robbes'"
Romain Robbes wrote:
> Hi Roland,
>       What is the problem exactly? Have you tried to load it or was it
> only based on the description given by the package loader? (In that
> case, I have forgotten to update it ... so it can still work).

Hey Romain,

I'm using Squeak 3.7 and when I loaded in BrowseUnit, I didn't get any of the additional browser buttons. I tried tweaking with it, because there was something I could toggle in Preferences about addAdditionalButtons or something, but that didn't help either.

Do you want to know where I got my VM? I got it here-

I'm using the Georgia Tech squeak distribution. So a lot of students can benefit from this package. =)

> should try the latest version (BrowseUnit v4), which depends on
> Services-All (this package depends also on a few things, this is
> mentioned in the release).   

Thanks for the tip. I loaded in multiple versions of BrowseUnit that I found (one was a ChangeSet the other a filein, and still didn't get the functionality).

> Tell me if this work this way.
>       I will do an updated version for squeak 3.9 soon, but I have been
> distracted by a lot of other stuff lately.
>       Anyways, thanks for the feedback,
>               Romain

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