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Benefits of a Team Mailing List

Of course the benefit here is team communication. The nice thing about a mailing list is that it doesn't encourage collaboration, it creates collaboration. Although you could just create a group of email addresses in your favorite mail client, nothing but a mailing list will gaurantee that each group member will have the opportunity to read and contribute to all team communication.

Setting up a team mailing list

We recommend using a more reliable mailing service than the CoC (in the entire semester, the mailing list had two short outages), but for convenience, we will discuss how to setup a CoC mailing list. Because the mailing list does go down, you may still have want another mailing list as a backup. Once you setup your mailing list, you will want to distribute the address to the right people (your team hopefully and maybe your TA and professor) and convenient place to do this is on your team web page. Finally, you don't want to forget security (from spam and who knows what else) and to make sure that each member of your team can actually send/recieve messages.

  1. Review the setup and use of a CoC mailing list at Of course, real Squeakers don't read the manual, so skip to step 2.
  2. Send an email to asking for a mailing list. (If you actually need to take Technical Writing, see sample email below.)
  3. Goto to double check the configuration of your list. Since the list is private, you need to manually add the email addresses of each member in your group using the "Mass Subscribe Users" section.
  4. Do not forget to have every member of your team test the mailing list. You don't want to find out halfway thru the semester that one of your members hasn't received any of team commmunications...

Sample email that will get you started with the mailing list process:

To: ''
Subject: Mailing List request

Our 2006 Spring CS 2340 project group would like to request a mailing list
to help us in archiving and encouraging our research.

We would like to request a mailing list titled: cs2340-2006spring-team1

Should this request be processed, we have some requests:
-Please set me at my email: as the owner.
-We also wish for our group to be private and hence not listed on (at least until we finish our
-I would like to request that the password of the mailing list be set to a
randomly generated password.


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