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2006Spring: MusExMachina: Team Productivity Practices

This writeup covers the practices our team relied upon to facilitate the process of developing our project. Although we used the following practices to aid in developing for the Squeak software platform, we feel these topics should be valuable to any teams developing a considerable software project.

Topic Outline

  1. We set up a private wiki to help us catalogue ideas and collaboratively compose documentation
  2. We set up a mailing list to enhance communication
  3. We used group scheduling software to help us optimize our team's availability (Note: NOT calendaring software)
  4. We jointly created a squeak distribution customized for our needs, and required it's use in development
  5. We developed a utility to minimize the startup time cost before development began at each meeting
  6. We used a revision control system and drafted a code submission policy regarding how we commit code
  7. We set up a page monitoring system to monitor assignment webpages and broadcast requirements changes to members of our team

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