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Team Sleep Cases

Team Sleep Cases

Milestone 6: Usability Evaluation
Ivan Lee, Lee Martie

Team Wisdom, and Lessons Learned

If you have a problem with a team mate, inform your prof. or TA immediately, you may be able to come up with some sort of contract system were the problematic team member can souly be accountable for his part, this way the rest of the team is not affected. We were a bit too nice to our team mate and it hurt us in the end, we had to work back to back nights to make up for other team mates not carrying their load of work. Make sure you have all sorts of open lines of communication with your team mates as well, and establish this early! It's nice if you can pick your team in the beginning by past experience with them, but if you do not have this luxury find out quickly as possible if they are problematic.

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