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Milestone 6: Reviewing OMG-UNITZ!!1`

Link to the Milestone 6 criteria for Spring 2006
Link to the coweb site of the team whose project we evaluated

Why We Chose To Do A Heuristic Evaluation:
CS Evaluation.doc

Heuristic Evaluation Raw Data:
heuristics evaluation master list FINAL.doc

The "Top 3 Usability Bugs" Report:

Rebuttal to the Team Who Review Us:

Helpful hints:

We found the heuristics evaluation to be a very simple usability evaluation to perform. It does not require any equipment to set up such as cameras or audio equipment, nor does it force you to rely on a survey. The way we went about it was all four of us evaluated the code based on the heuristcs found on Its best if everyone organizes them into those categories from the beginning, then you will spend less time sorting later. After everyone has completed this, just meet together for like an hour or so and sort out the list of usability bugs that you found. If you sorted them into categories from the beginning, then it should not take long to complete the master list and remove duplicate bugs.

The instructions for the heuristics evaluation specify that you should rank each bug on a scale from 1 to 5. Since the next part of your project is to find the biggest three bugs and write a paper on them, this is a pretty important step. However, make sure that you not only pick a bug to write on that has a high ranking, but also is a detailed enough bug that you can write a paper on. Three pages really isn't that bad, but it helps if you have a bug that you can talk alot about.

As for the rebuttal, take a serious look at your design and see what would need to change and what would not to implement what the other team suggests. You'll probably want to go back to the earlier milestones to look at the UML if you are not sure.

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