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bug list

When generating a talk command via the gui, the generated script does not have a colon after talk.
Fixed: file this in

Deleteing all the text in the text fields removes focus from the text field so you can't type anything in.
Workaround: You have to type in what you want and then delete the unwanted text.

There is not checks for valid characters or values. You can tell an actor to jump '32#31#)#@'. This will cause an error when you try to play the script.
Jump must be a number 0.0-infinity
Talk must be text in 'quotes'
Run/walk must be a point (13.5@39)
After must be a number 0-infinity. It is in milliseconds.

The script can only be so long. There is no difinitive number but 20-50 lines seems like the stress points. It really depends on how complicated the script is. This is a limitation with the squeak compiler.
Workaround: editing squeak code in the browser – so basically no workaround for the user.

If you close the demo the sound will continue to play.
Workaround: run SoundPlayer shutDown. in any workspace.

Sometimes if you mess with switching scenes too much, the scene will cover the script.
Workaround: don't mess with switching scenes too much?

Choosing a background image is hit or miss. Sometimes it chooses the image file below what you selected.
Workaround: Just check the code that is generated.

Adding code so that the script is larger than the script box causes the script to scroll to the top. This is more of an annoyance than a bug. You just have to scroll down every time you add code if you want to see the last lines of code.

Adding code adds code to the end rather than where the cursor is. This can be good and it can be bad.

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