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Alternative Design Method Image

The following is a Squeak image that pretends to be PowerPoint. It presents Medium-Based Design, a design method for creating learning environments. In terms of the learning goals for this class, the main value of this talk is to give an example of a design method that is quite different from the one advocated in this class. In particular, MBD is solution-to-problem, rather than the conventional problem-to-solution design. For more about MBD, check out this paper.


alternativeDesign.pdf (pdf generated by Roland Krystian Alberciak)

This image was optimized for a 1024x768 display. To navigate it, there is a small white box at the bottom of the screen that takes keyboard input. Arrow right will go forward one slide. Arrow left will go backwards one slide. Esc will escape out of the BookMorph and put it back into full-screen mode. s will save. q will quit.

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