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Milestone 4: CRC Cards/UML/Demo Code

Link to the Milestone 4 criteria for Spring 2006

Demo Code:

Here you will find demo code that worked with the project as it was during M4. I am not sure if this still runs on the final version, but if you compare it to the final demo code, you will see that the basics remained largely the same.

This is our final version of our CRC cards:

If you look at the previous version (from M3), found here, you will see that the cards changed a bit more. These are largely correct; we may have lost a point here or there, but (theoretically) this is what your CRC cards should look like once they are well-refined:

Uploaded Image:
Uploaded Image:
Uploaded Image: blahblahblah.m4.uml.usecase.jpg


This is the second revision of UML. I don't believe we lost any points for this part of the milestone.

Uploaded Image: Squeakimation UML.jpg
Uploaded Image: Squeakimation UML2.jpg

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