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Spring 2006 Tool Use

This CoWeb assignment has two parts: a short survey and a tool description part. The intention of this assignment is to give us a better understanding of how students use advanced tools and hopefully give you some resources to better use these tools. Due: 7 April 2006

A Short Survey

Please, take a short survey (~1 minute of your time). Your answers are anonymous. This survey should give us a better understanding of what you understand.

Tool Description,

On your Who's Who page, create a section or a separate page where you describe how to use one of the following tools:
In your description, include at least one screenshot. You will be graded by how informative your description is to others in this class. Feel free to get inspiration from the Cases page or the book. Do NOT plagiarize. You can quote these resources as long as you provide a reference (a link or other indication that this is not your original work). It is quite possible for a good description to simply extend the work of somebody else. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about that tool.

Post questions to the newsgroup.

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