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Milestone 3: CRC Cards/UML/SUnit Testing/Updated Scenarios

Link to the Milestone 3 criteria for Spring 2006

CRC Cards

These are the same cards from Milestone 2, but they were edited for various reasons, including:

The cards that are completely crossed out were elminated from our design.

Uploaded Image: Actor.jpg Uploaded Image: Body.jpg

Uploaded Image: BodyPart.jpg Uploaded Image: Head.jpg

Uploaded Image: Mouth.jpg Uploaded Image: Scene.jpg

Uploaded Image: SceneObject.jpg Uploaded Image: ScriptParser.jpg

Uploaded Image: Stage.jpg Uploaded Image: Timer.jpg

UML Diagrams
This is our preliminary UML. If you compare it to the versions later in the project, you will see that it changes a LOT. This should not be a surprise to anyone who has worked with UML in CS2335.

Uploaded Image: UML Final (Sketch).jpg

Uploaded Image: scan0002.jpg

We also updated our scenario from M2 to include much more interaction between the user and the system. Our grade saw an improvement as well.

Uploaded Image: scan0004.jpg

Uploaded Image: Visio UML Diagram.gif

M3 also required an additional UML diagram of our choice. We agreed that a Use Case diagram would be most effective in showcasing the interactions that would be possible in the prototype of Squeakimation. The Use Case diagram correlates directly with our scenario and Class diagram to show exactly what actions a user can perform in the system.

Uploaded Image: scan0003.jpg

Preliminary Screenshot:
This is our preliminary model. Again, if you look at some of the pages from later in the project, you will see that the application changed DRAMATICALLY. But this was a good start...

Uploaded Image: squeakmation-m3.JPG

Here's our sample code. Some of the elements made it into the final version, but many did not:
$MainStage := Stage new.
$Joe := ActorMorph new.
$Joe type: char1.
$Joe name: 'Joe'.
$Bar := Scene new.
$Bar name: 'Bar'.
$Bar background: 'barbackground.jpg'.
$Bar add: $Joe.
$Joe position: 20@0.
$MainStage add: $Bar.
$Joe walk: 20@0.
thread sleep: 20.
$Joe walk: -20@0.
$Joe say: 'blahblahblah'.
thread sleep: 20.
$Joe walk: 340@0.
thread sleep: 10.
$Joe stop.
$House := Scene new.
$House name: 'House'.
$House background: 'housebackground.jpg'.
$Bar backgroundPosition: -50@-50.
$Bar pan: 30@10.
$Bar add: $Joe.
$MainStage add: $Bar.
$Joe jump.
thread sleep: 20.
$MainStage add: $Bar.
$Joe position: 20@10.
$Joe blink.
thread sleep: 2.
$Joe openMouth.
thread sleep: 2.
$Bar moveBackground: 20@5.
thread sleep 20.

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