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The settings page

For our Settings Page we opted for another simple button based GUI. We had originally tried to do a list or a checkbox type way of selecting news catagories, however we couldn't figure it out in time to meet the deadline for this milestone.

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The window can be devided up into 3 parts. The primary catagory, news sources, and save settings.

The Primary Catagory

When the user clicks on the Select Primary Catagory button

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He/she is presented with a pop up menu that allows selection of one of 4 primary catagories; World,Local,Sports, or Weather.

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After the user selects their primary catagory it is stored in an ordered collection to be saved to file. The program automatically checks to see if another catagory is set already, if so then it is replaced with the new selection.

News Sources

The news source selection area consisted of a main button as well as a bank of individual selection buttons.

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The main button brought up a menu that listed all of the sources availible to select for the user to choose from.

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The bank of buttons below the main button did the same thing as selecting a source from the menu brought up by the other button. Once a source was selected it would be added to an ordered collection that would be saved to file and the user would be notified via a pop up text window that this occured.

Save Settings

When clicked the save settings button

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would take the ordered collection that contained all the information that the user selected and send it to the IO to be written to file. Inside the IO, IOsubsystem, and converter the ordered collection would be converted to a string then written to a new file named settings.txt.

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