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3. Now it's time to choose your sources. Open a workspace and type in "Newspaper start". Select this and do a "do it" on it (Alt-D).
4. The interface will pop up and you can choose your sources, save them, and generate a newspaper in postscript format for easy printing.

Uploaded Image: interface2.gif

5. If you wish to view your paper on the web, take the file named "newspaper" and place it in your c:\temp\ directory. This is your web newspaper start page.


6. Now type "Newspaper webstart" in a workspace and do it. A notifier will pop up and tell you the ip address of your computer. Copy this and open up a browser. Paste the address in your browser. You are now at the start page. From here you can deselect some of your sources or you can generate a web version of your newspaper.

Uploaded Image: webstart.jpg


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