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Milestone 5 - Analysis

For this milestone, we had to implement deslection of sources. The user was to be given the ability to deselect any of his previously selected aources but not add any new ones.

To tackle this milestone, we decided to use javascript. Again, our design was flexible enough to accomodate these changes without any problems. We had to add new methods to handle more requests from the web. We also decided to make a seperate class that would handle all the resources from the web. At first, we got it working using javascript in Internet Explorer but it would not quite work in Netscape. Then we got it working for both. there were to problems though with this approach:

We also realized that some of our parsings would not work again because websites changed the format of their web pages. So we worked some more on the parsing methods, to make sure that we make our patterns even more flexible. We finally did get it working for alll the websites

Once again, our design was strong and flexible and we did not need to change our design a whole bunch to get things working.

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