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The frontpage

Since this was the very first GUI we had ever designed we went with a very simple approach for our Newspaper's frontpage. We knew the user would need to be able to generate his/her newspaper as well as set their custom prefrences. So we opted to have a frontpage in the following format.

External Image

The page consisted of 2 buttons. One for Generating a Newspaper, the other to bring up the Settings Menu. The page also had extra space below these buttons so that a Textfeild for the newspaper could be added at a later date.

Generate Paper

The Generate Paper button

External Image

displayed a pop up textfield telling the user that this option was currentlty unavailible.

Modify News Settings

The Modify News Settings button

External Image

brings up a new window for the user to select his or her settings and save them to a file. We will go into more detail on this in The settings page


We decided to put in a pop up menu in addition to the buttons so that the user had the option to use them instead of the buttons. The menu system was a popup that looked like this.
External Image

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