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Group Meeting time:-
When: Every Saturday @ 1500hrs
Where: Coc commons

Project Milestones

Milestone 1: 98/100.
Objective: Analyzing the CRC cards and Scenarios. Write CRC cards and Scenarios for SqueakPoint, last semester's project.

We chose to analyze the design work done by group Team Half & Half.
This helped us to understand how to write CRC cards and Scenarios for our project.


Milestone 2: 82/100
Objective: Write the CRC cards and Scenarios for 2-D Animation Studio. Get feedback from a TA because there is no sense on starting on a bad design.

We lost some points on the milestone 2 for our CRC cards. Our ta, Andrew explained us errors we made on our CRC cards. We used very generic words when writing responsibilities and our classes did not collaborate correctly. Here is a tutorial on how to make good CRC cards and Scenarios.

Useful stuff for CRC cards and Scenarios
How to make good CRC cards and Scenarios


Milestone 3: 92/100
Objective: UML design and Sunit-testing

We did good job on our UML because before we turned it in we talked with Andrew he told us the mistakes we had. The main error we had was that our ArtStudio and Media Studio did not know about script. So, we added another class ScriptController, which we connected with has a relationship to Studio.
So, now Studio has a ScriptController, which checks if the script is valid. Since classes ArtStudio, Media Studio, and Script Studio inherit from Studio, they know about ScriptController.

We made all these changes and we got a good grade on milestone3.
We also updated our CRC cards. We changed how our classes collaborate and we were more specific when writing responsibilities of our classes.

Stack Overflow Milestone 3
Milestone 3 Sunit


Milestone 4: 92/100
Objective: Implementing the design for our project, 2-D Animation studio. Update CRC cards and scenario.

Stack Overflow Milestone 4

Useful stuff for ANIMATION
This tutorial is explains how we did our animation.

How to create animation


Milestone 5: 94/100
Objective: Final demo!! showing off our project to the class. Implement one extra feature.

We also updated our scenarios and uml. We submitted only changes that we made to our CRC cards.

Stack Overflow Milestone 5

Our extra feature was error checking. We also provide a tutorial which explains how we implemented error checking.

Extra Feature: Error Checking


Milestone 6: 98/100
Objective: Usability evaluation of some other group's project. Rebutall on our project evaluation

For the milestone 6 we had to turn in two reports.

We used heuristic evaluation to evaluate team Quattro’s 2D Animation Studio. First report includes: plan for usability evaluation, results of execution of usability plan, and usability report.The plan explains how we performed the evaluation and why we chose to do heuristic evaluation.
Milestone 6: Report1

Team Hackjob evaluated our ­Animation Studio software. Second report includes our response to their evaluation.
We made 98/100 on the milestone 6. Professor Abowd said that we were too defensive in error checking rebuttal, that is why we lost 2 point.
Milestone6: Rebuttal


Usefull stuff for Squeak Debugger
Squeak Debugger


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