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Rachel Keslensky

Final Review

Design Patterns are named by their architectural patterns, depending on:
The Observer pattern consists of an 'overclass' which checks up on the other classes as they alter themselves, in order to step in and update as needed. The Factory pattern is a large congolerate of classes that essentially function as one to take in an input, and 'assemble' it into a larger-scale object for more refined use, akin to taking in sheet metal and pulling out a car.

Questionnaires are useful as long as researchers using them watch out for three things:
The best way to keep these issues to a minimum is to revise and edit the questionnaires mercilessly to get rid of any loaded words or questions, as well as making sure the questionnaire covers all features of the software to make sure that as many of the user's concerns end up as covered as possible.

In the History of Object-Oriented Design:

How to use Monticello

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Midterm Review


Rachel Keslensky is a second-year Computer Science major. She lives on East Campus and can often either be found online or in the dining hall, or hanging out around Psi Upsilon. She enjoys games of almost any kind, and has an interest in game theory along with her programming.

Rachel runs a fantasy sports website called Xtreme Frontier Wrestling ( and is eventually interested in developing an online Trading Card Game based on the site. Anyone interesting in working on programming, graphics, or art should contact her for further information.



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